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Toilet Humor

Tim Smith wrote a blog post referring to the former City of Fort Lauderdale Mayor, Jim Naugle last week.  I started thinking back to the Flush Naugle campaign of 2007.   Remember Naugle’s robo-toilet idea,  that would have a timer on the door.  When your time allotment was up the door would automatically open.  “Flush the guy who wants innocent people to be sitting there and have a door open for all the world to see because of his unwarranted paranoia.

With that silliness in my mind, I received a text message from my daughter.  It read

There are automatic doors on the toilets on Portobello Rd.  Dad needed to go pee so he pressed the button and the door opened to where everyone was and a poor girl was sitting on the pot taken a poo.

I will elaborate so you can get the full humor of this story.  My daughter, Katie, her dad, Gary, and good family friends, Denise  and  Lindsey went to Portobello Road Market in London.

Katie’s dad had to use the toilet. He found one of those automatic door cubical kind of johns. The sign on the door read vacant.



He pressed the button and the door opened to expose a woman on the potty.

woman on toilet

Now all the people in the market street had a view stood pointing and laughing.

I texted my daughter back to find out what they did and she reply:

We ran while dad stayed to make sure it shut.

My daughter and her friends abandoned her poor old dad to apologize to a horrified woman with her dress up and knickers down.

Gary said she was trying to do three things at once (grab her panties, hold her dress & hide her bits and pieces) with a look of horror on her face.

Shocked 2

Gary stay until the door shut again.  She probably will never forget his face.

We laughed so hard at this story.  It will go down as one of Gary’s best stories.  I am sure the woman is not laughing … yet.

Gary also stated those door open fast and close very slowly.